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Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my web site! I must admit getting to this point has been beyond challenging. As I attended classes and writer’s workshops the speakers were quite frank (sometimes depressingly so) about the specifics of writing a manuscript, the publishing world and ultimately the necessity of creating a web site to blog on a regular basis when writing a nonfiction piece. Now the manuscript is done I must say that communicating with our loved ones who are behind the door is actually easier than communicating through a web site!

I have been communicating with my son, mother and sister for over a decade since they passed on to another plane of existence. I will be writing about my experiences in future blogs.

The eulogy for Steve Jobs delivered by his sister, Mona Simpson, who is an author and professor of English at the University of California was so moving. She said that Steve’s last words were, “Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow,” as he look up and over the shoulders of his family members. This brilliant man who pursued beauty and function in a way that changed our world saw the next place and simply shared the awe of it. My mother responded similarly. I completely understood this reaction. Our loved ones who are behind the door have 20/20 hindsight and foresight and are waiting to reconnect with us to help us on our journey. The first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed only changed in form. So where does it go? Stay connected to hear more about my decade of communication!