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Below are a few outstanding resources that I have found helpful over the past decade:

  • Berstein, Judith R. 1997. When the Bough Breaks Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter. Kansas City, Mo.: Andrews McMeel.
  • Browne, Sylvia. 2005. Contacting Your Spirit Guides. Carlsbad, Cal.: Hay House.
  • Browne, Sylvia. 2001. Past Lives, Future Healing. New York: Dutton
  • Callanan, Maggie and Patricia Kelley. 1997. Final Gifts. New York: Bantam
  • Chodron, Pema. 2000. When Things Fall Apart. Boston: Shambhala
  • Chopra, Deepak. 2001. Soulmate. New York: Putnam
  • Cockell, Jenny. 1996. Past Lives, Future Lives. New York: Fireside/Simon Schuster
  • Collins, Kelsey. 2008. Exit Strategy: Leaving this Life with Grace and Gratitude. Sisters, Or.: ChaseHawk
  • Davis, T.J., Dianne Lane, and Barbara Joanne Walker. 1983. Helen: A Psychic Gift. Boulder, Co.; Brownsville
  • Eadie, Betty J. 1994. Embraced by the Light. New York: Bantam
  • Edward, John. 2000. What if God Were the Sun? San Diego, Ca.: Jodere Group
  • Edward, John. 2010. Infinite Quest. New York: Sterling
  • Gibran, Kahlil. 1957. The Prophet. New York: Knopf
  • Goodwin, Charlotte. 2008. The Twisted Path. Beaverton, Or.: Hideaway Press
  • Hanson, Warren. 1997. The Next Place. Golden Valley, Minn.: Waldman House Press
  • Hicks, Esther and Jerry. 2004. Ask and It is Given. Carlsbad, Ca.: Hay House
  • James, John W., and Russell Friedman. 2009. The Grief Recovery Handbook. New York: Harper Collins
  • Jaworski, Joseph. 1998. Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership. San Francisco, Ca.: Berrett-Koehler
  • Karnes, Barbara. 2003. The Final Act of Living. Depoe Bay, Or.: Barbara Karnes
  • Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth. 1969. On Death and Dying. New York: MacMillan
  • Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth and David Kessler. 2005. On Grief and Grieving. Scribner
  • Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth and David Kessler, 2000. Life Lessons. New York: Scribner
  • Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth. 1995. Death Is of Vital Importance. New York: Station Hill
  • Kuman, Sameet M. 2005. Grieving Mindfully. Oakland, Ca.: New Harbinger
  • MacLaine, Shirley. 2011. I’m Over All That. New York: Atria
  • MacLaine, Shirley. 1990. Going Within. New York: Bantam
  • MacLaine, Shirley. 1986. Out On A Limb. New York: Bantam
  • MacLaine, Shirley. 2008. Dancing In the Light. New York: Bantam
  • MacLaine, Shirley. 2008. Sage-ing While Age-ing. New York: Atria
  • MacGregor, Trish and Rob MacGregor. 2010. The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. Avon, Mass: Aadams Media
  • Martin, Joel and Patricia Romanowski. 2009. Love Beyond Life. New York: Harper
  • Medina, John. 2008. Brain Rules. Seattle, Wa.: Pear Press
  • Montgomery, Ruth. 1982. Threshold To Tomorrow. New York: Fawcett Crest
  • Moody Jr., Raymond A. 1975. Life After Life and Reflections on Life After Life. New York: Guideposts
  • Owusu, Hieke. 1999. Symbols of Native America. New York: Sterling
  • Peat, F. David. 1987. Synchronicity/ The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. New York: Bantam
  • Rand, Hollister. 2011. I’m Not Dead, I’m Different. New York: Harper
  • Redfield, James. 1993. The Celestine Phrophecy. New York: Warner
  • Redfield, James. 1996. The Tenth Insight. New York: Warner
  • Redfield, James. 1997. The Celestine Vision. New York: Warner
  • Redfield, James. 2011. The Twelfth Insight. New York: Grand Central
  • Rosof, Barbara D. 1994. The Worst Loss. New York: Henry Holt
  • Staudacher, Carol. 1994. A Time To Grieve. New York: Harper One
  • Van Vuken, John. 2000. Edgar Cayce on the Revelation. New York: Sterling
  • Van Praagh, James. 2001. Healing Grief. New York: New American Library
  • Ward, Suzanne. 2001. Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven. Camas, Wa.: Matthew Books
  • Ward, Suzanne. 2002. Revelations for a New Era. Camas, Wa.: Matthew Books
  • Ward, Suzanne. 2003. Voices of the Universe. Camas, Wa.: Matthew Books
  • Ward, Suzanne. 2003. Illuminations for a New Era. Camas, Wa.: Matthew Books
  • Weiss, Brian L. 1992. Through Time Into Healing. New York: Fireside
  • Weiss, Brian L. 2004. Same Souls Many Bodies. New York: Free Press
  • Wolterstorff, Nicholas. 1987. Lament For A Son. Grand Rapids, Mi.: Eerdmans

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