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Archive for February 15, 2012

Are You Weeding Your Garden?

A few nights ago, some of us were talking about the weeds in our ‘mind’ garden. When you think about it, the idea is a great analogy to share with others. The negative things that have happened to all of us are like weeds in our minds. These weeds may have been planted from a loss such as a death, divorce, separation or even a family or childhood experience that hurt us emotionally. When I hear others talk about a hurtful event that happened to them long ago when they were in elementary/middle school or as a young child, I think about the amount of emotional baggage that they have been carrying around for decades. It has to be both exhausting and limiting.

The negative experience, like a weed, is implanted in our minds and every time we think about it, with emotion, the roots of this weed continue to grow deeper into our subconscious. Since weeds seem to grow faster and easier than other plants or flowers, it must mean that negative thinking is like fertilizer for them. Well, we all know what fertilizer is made from – right? You can fill in the word yourself. Negative thinking is ….

The emotional energy being used each time the thought surfaces just limits our growth potential. No one ever escapes negative, hurtful experiences. I believe the amount of time we allow them to remain in our minds and control our responses is directly related to our present level of happiness.

In my book, my son, who has passed on, has told me something very similar. It really is time to just consciously and purposefully let go and let God or the Universe or whatever you want to label the force greater than yourself take it from you. Holding on to past hurtful situations diminishes your tomorrows. Since we know that we manifest what we think about most often, let’s make it happiness, excitement and peace.
Think about weeding your mind garden and email me if you would like to discuss how much better you feel after doing it!