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Importance of Determining What You Chose to Work On

The last two blogs explained that before birth, we decide on the life lessons we want to learn. Robert Schwartz calls these the 27 Divine Virtues.
At a recent international conference he explained that through his research he has determined that many of us are truly in search of the deeper meaning or purpose to the events in our lives. Often, we see similar challenges being presented over and over in our lives. Why? I have read that the first time a lesson is presented to us, it is, as if, God/Universal Energy is whispering to us. If we don’t learn the lesson, the next time it is presented in our life it is, as if, God/Universal Energy is speaking loudly to us. Ultimately, if the lesson is still not learned it is presented once again, but this time God/Universal Energy is shouting at us. What does this mean? Simply, that WE have chosen our life plan to learn particular virtues as Schwartz references. If we don’t learn the lesson when it is presented, each time the lesson resurfaces in our lives it becomes more difficult, more challenging, more attention getting, until we master it. After all, we have chosen to work on particular areas and consequently God/Universal Energy is simply helping us follow through with our commitment!

Schwartz, in his latest book, Your Soul’s Gift, explains that through his extensive research, he has found 4 main reasons that we may choose to learn a particular lesson. The first is karma. He believes that karma does not mean doing something to pay back someone for something previously done to them but rather to experience something our soul has not experienced previously. He feels it is about learning balance in our soul experience. He quotes in his book, “Karma is not balanced by doing good to someone… but by going through the experience oneself.” Thinking about this in reference to your life, are there any of the 27 life virtues that seem to continually surface in your life that you may be working on? It may be to balance out your karma. True, it may be hard to know – but something to ponder. He gives the example of abandonment. If you had abandoned someone in a previous life, you may have chosen to be abandoned in this lifetime to experience how it feels on a soul level and learn from it. He goes on to explain that releasing karma can happen instantly when your soul realizes that is part of the Divine energy of God/Universal energy.

In subsequent blogs I will be talking about the three other reasons that Schwartz believes we may have chosen to learn a particular lesson: healing, service to others and a desire to experience contrast.

Stay tuned – there is much to discover about our life choices. Ultimately, it is all about Oneness and love – how great is that?