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My book, Just Behind the Door is now available!

To all of you who have asked about the book, I can’t believe it myself, but it is now available through

This is a story about the loss of my son, Ronnie, at age 36 on the same day that two of our high school seniors in Michigan, where I was superintendent, died in an auto accident. After spending the day at the hospital, the high school and one of the parent’s home, I returned home that night and 10 minutes later received the call that my son had been killed in Colorado. Previously, I had spent years investigating the answers to the big questions in life and suddenly was facing the issues head on, not just on a knowledge level but on an application level. My world became both gut wrenching and surreal.

The book is about how my son, mother and sister have continued to communicate with me over the past decade. I had to wait until I retired to be able to share this story. Yes, this is a story about loss and grief but ultimately, will not cause you to feel sad. Most importantly, it is about hope and the ultimate discovery that unconditional love continues forever. We can communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over, once we eliminate the grief or disbelief in our lives.

I have come to understand and truly internalize that the body, the physical shell, may die but the soul, the true essence of our loved ones, remain around us. They are eagerly waiting to reconnect with us. They want you to know they are fine and totally nurtured. Our loved ones want to help us truly live all the days of our life that we have left on this earth.

My goal in writing the book was to demonstrate, by sharing the specific conversations that have continued for OVER A DECADE with my son, that ADC (after death communication) is beyond real – it is TRUTH. Ronnie’s stronger than life personality would not let me stay in the stages of grief but insisted – as early as 3 months after his death – that he was still able to communicate with me.

This book will bring tears of sadness, peals of laughter and most importantly messages of hope and love. You will have a glimpse of what reality is now like for our loved ones who have crossed over.

You may order the book through Authorhouse, Amazon or your local bookseller by simply listing the title, Just Behind the Door and/or my name as author, Mary Leiker. Hopefully, since it is in hard and soft cover as well as ebook format it will be available to anyone who is ready to read it. Please drop me a note @ after reading and share your feelings and reactions. I am in the process of setting up book talks as a way to further discuss the ideas and content of my journey.