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When horrific tragedies happen such as the one in Colorado on Friday, it reminds us all of how tenuous life can be. We keep searching for the reasons but sadly the answers do not come. It can be emotionally exhausting hearing the blow by blow descriptions on the news channels in what seems like 24/7 coverage. For those who have recently experienced their own personal loss, the continual reviews of the tragedy can be paralyzing. Fear and uncertainty surface, once again, into their lives.
We know that there is no guarantee for tomorrow. We can only be sure of this moment in time. Perseverating of what happened in our lives yesterday or worrying about what might happen tomorrow clearly robs us of the wonders of living fully today. We are the lucky ones, we have survived to see a new day.
Loss of this magnitude causes all of us to take stock in our lives, be grateful for what we have and to think about those we love so dearly both here and on the other side.
Tonight before going to sleep let’s all say a little prayer to God/Universal Energy for healing for the hundreds of people who have been touched by the sad, mind numbing event in Colorado and send them strength to help them get them through the next day, week, month and year. The energy we offer to them though our thoughts may be the only thing we can do at this time but it is at least something.

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  1. cathy thomas said:

    I love reading what you write Aunt Mary, thank you sooo much! !! I have it on my phone. (Your blogs )so I don’t have to look it up anymore, you know that you have helped me get back to my old self as Stephanie has been saying. I guess I just felt like my life was over, chronic pain will do that ! I just hope more people will read your blogs so it may help them.

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