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The Blame Game

As we reflect on the life of Whitney Houston, The Voice, as she has been called, we remember a talent that seemed bigger than life. She was all that, and more, and yet so very human. Like all of us, she had her challenges or “demons” as she called them. In an interview with Diane Sawyer, when asked the question about the topic she said the demon would be herself, not drugs, other people or the entertainment business but herself. How insightful for her to take the responsibility and recognize the issue for what it truly was, the choices she made in her life. Sadly, she knew the issue but was unable to summon the strength to get passed it. However, I respect her not only for her incredible talent but for her honesty in that interview.

How many of us recognize the challenges we seem to be presented with as being generated simply from our own thinking or our own choices? It is not the world, another person, place or thing that is the root cause of issues but, once again, simply ourselves. We can choose to see life as a blessing, an opportunity and an exciting classroom experience where we are learning our lessons to become a better person, or we can play the “blame game.” We all know how that game works. Ideas like, “it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t … wouldn’t…. basically all the ‘buts’ we use in a sentence to discount what has just come before it.

There is no magic potion for self responsibility. It is something we all work at everyday. Accepting responsibility for our actions does not mean blaming ourselves either. There is no blame there is just recognition of something we intend to do better the next time. As spiritual beings we are learning how to live in this physical body in this world of challenges with grace and gratitude. Think about the lessons learned in your own life and eliminate blame from your vocabulary.

And, as always, the Universe/God has a plan and the lyrics from Bebe Winans song, “Don’t Cry For Me,” is so true, “don’t cry for me, my death was meant to be.” Whitney entertained us and taught us many things for that I am grateful. She will be missed.

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