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My son was killed in a tragic accident on May 16, 1999. He has been communicating with me for over a decade since then. In fact, his messages began 3 months after his death. His bigger than life personality refused to allow me to become stuck in the stages of grief and the endless ‘why’ that can consume all of us when we lose someone we love. The feelings of loss can render us both hopeless and helpless.

The purpose of my book is to give others the chance to read these communications and to think about them in reference to their own lives. It will give you hope, peace and a deeper understanding that life truly does go on for our loved ones on the other side. Most importantly, it will reassure you that your loved ones are eagerly waiting to reconnect with you. We can continue to communicate with them, I am living proof of it! Ultimately, I hope it will encourage others to drop the shield of fear or disbelief and realize that their loved ones, as the title of the book implies, are Just Behind the Door. The following quote is one of hundreds over the past decade in which my son reassured me that his life continues, albeit in a different energy form, and of his ability to continue to communicate with me due to our unconditional love.

“There is a vulnerability when someone dies; it allows those who love them to grasp onto this magic moment to stay connected. You had to go to that cold, dark place when I left so that you could explain to people that you have been there too.” He added, “Death is like taking a trip. When people say, ‘See you later,’ it is true, because you will. It is not the end. It is just like moving to a new location and starting a new beginning. Everyone can experience this type of communication that we have if they want to do it. You are now doing your soul work. You had to live through so much in order to be able to understand and to write this to help others… This book is about being present, being still and letting it come. You have been preparing your whole life for this; you just didn’t know it. It is fun to talk with you through the writing. You hear me loud and clear.”

The book, Just Behind the Door, is available from, Amazon or your local bookseller. It is in hardcover, softcover or ebook format.

I would love to hear from you after you read it!

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  1. Hi Mary, we haven’t met, but Barb Ruga is a mutual friend. In fact, I’ve known her longer than anyone else, since high school. First, even after many yrs, the loss of a child goes against nature and my condolences. I know-my mom buried her two sons and I’m the only one left. Kudos to you for allowing metaphysical forces (God or whatever) to keep you in touch with your son.

    I also wrote a book that has JUST been released. I Will Never Forget is my story of my mom’s humorous and arduous journey through dementia. It has received 2 awards already and beautiful reviews.

    Is this your first book? It is mine. I would love to network with you. Elaine

  2. When I started this blog I was not settnig out to become a book blogger, but, for better or for worse, it has clearly taken that turn. This is a great opportunity to not just follow but get to know other book bloggers and scope out some new reads while you’re at it! If you’re interested in more information, you can check out the mother blog, Crazy For Books.

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