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Our thoughts, are the keys that open or close all doors in our lives. We know that positives attract positives and conversely, negatives attract negatives. Why would anyone allow themselves to be surrounded by or immersed in an ocean of negative thoughts from themselves or others? I believe it has to do with the concept of free will. Although we have chosen this life for the life lessons we wanted to learn, it is our RESPONSE to the lessons, using our free will, that is the key factor.

For instance,if you think of taking a cross country trip, you plan overnight stays in certain locations. You know ahead of time the distance you plan to drive in a given day, the time it should take. That seems logical, dependable and certain. However, due to our gift of free will, even though the major stops (or lessons) don’t change, we sometimes choose an alternate path. Maybe something sparks our interest and we take a short side trip on our route. Possibly, a detour on the road causes our plans to be changed momentarily. Road construction, even wild fires or floods can delay your progress. How do we respond to a change in our plans? Do we get upset and blame ourself or others? I have learned to look at those changes more simply. Everything happens for a reason and everything will work out just the way it is supposed to. The Universe/God doesn’t make mistakes. My son has told me this, repeatedly, in my book, Just Behind the Door. The important thing to remember is that your goal hasn’t changed, you will still reach your specific destination (the lessons you chose to learn).

Reflect back on some of the events in your life that just seemed destined to happen. A person you met or married, a specific job to agreed to or a house you moved into; didn’t it just feel right AT THE TIME? When your heart tells you ‘this is the place to go for now,’ I believe it is a sign of a predestined event where a life lesson has yet to be learned. These lessons are like precious gold nuggets that need to be unearthed in your mind. Be gentle with yourself as you do the mental work to unearth the lesson. Take the time to truly think about why, in retrospect, that particular situation happened? The WAY YOU PROCESS what your have experienced makes all the difference. The lessons you are learning in your life can be viewed as terribly unfair, eliciting anger, resentment and fear or you can allow yourself to feel that pain, recognize the hurt, but most importantly, SEARCH FOR WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING from it. You will know if it is a life lesson if it is one of the hardest things you have ever encountered. Treat yourself with love, do the work to unearth your gold nugget. You deserve it. You have a piece of Divine energy in you. Once you thoroughly process through the reason, eliminating the need to blame others, you will be able to move on with grace, dignity and, most importantly, a heightened sense of self worth. You did everything 100% right with the information you had at the time. After discovering your “gold nugget” on the issue and responding with a deeper belief in yourself and confidence in tomorrow you will be so much wiser and at peace.

The really great news is, once you unearth the nugget, that particular life lesson will not resurface again in your life. Trust me on this, I have had so many similar life lessons that I chose to move through quickly, while I just kept going at the hectic pace I had become used to in my life. What happened? The same lesson came back around to bite me again, again and again. Now I can finally say, “I get it!”

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  1. cathy thomas said:

    Dear aunt Mary, just finished reading your book and I loved it!!!!!! I have learned so much from your book and also from reading your blogs. It was great reading about Ronnie growing up after you moved from michigan, and learning more about our family on this side and the otherside. Thank you for sharing with us what you have learned. Can’t wait to learn more from you!!! It’s really been helping me feel better


  2. Anonymous said:

    I never stop learning from you, our conversations and the information you share with your readers continue to give all of us a greater understanding as to the whys in this world. As you have told me again and again once we know better we must accept that knowledge and do better. The school of life is often meant with great challenges thank you so much for helping all of us to continue to learn and accept that this is just another step in the great world we live in and that thru all of this is happiness when we grow spiritually and know that there are no mistakes JUST LESSONS. LUV YOU, REMEMBER JUST BEHIND THE DOOR……………….

  3. Things today has taught me:1/ Anything worth hanivg has to be earned. Today I must decide how badly I really want it, and then its up to me to go get it.2/ My children remind me on a daily basis what is truly important. Being a parent really helps me to keep things in perspective.3/ Take time to enjoy the good in your life, and make sure you enjoy it at 100%. Life gives you enough challanges without even trying, but its the good stuff that makes all the rest worth while. So take the time to enjoy it.Today has been one of the toughest days I can remember and there is no guarrentee tomorrow will be better. But today has given me these lessons to ensure I keep up the fight with a smile on my face. They can take everything else but they will never get my smile. Take careWarrick

  4. Love the Red Riding Hood Costume–that was my favorite costume I wore as a child!! Mine was just a red cape and basic, but it was cute. This vintage costume is wonderful!! I love the design. Now, what to do with it. Hmm…__Obviously, you could save it more kids, maybe even another red head. __You could save it for Joy’s daughter to wear someday.__You could frame the costume in a shadow box with Joy’s photo and maybe with one of your children’s fairy tale books that has the story RRH and a vintage blond-haired illustration of the famed Red. Then you have a craft project, art for her bedroom wall, a treasure from her childhood, and a momento for her to take to her own home someday. (To avoid any sibling rivalry over the project and attention Joy would receive, you could do a similar art project for each child, maybe as a birthday gift in the upcoming year. I know what you’re thinking Annette! –Are you crazy??! I have a half dozen kids to care for, when am I going to find time to do all that??1–Given what you normally accomplish in a day I’m not at all worried. You are awesome.

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