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Since my book has been published in early May, I have been learning a great deal about book promotion. As my son told me in the book, Just Behind the Door, “Everyone needs to know that nothing dies. Love and communication continues forever if people will open themselves up to it. People have to have an emergence to see…You are spreading your own wisdom [for this emergence]. Some people feel it is wrong to be happy. It is not wrong to be happy. Remember the good times, the fun times and talk about us. We are with you always.”

I know this communication is possible since I have lived it since 1999. However, I wondered, how do I spread the word to help others? I decided to write an affirmation about it. Each day for my affirmation, I take five minutes and visualize myself talking to people, groups, signing books and, most importantly, looking into the eyes of others who have experienced a loss and I begin to see hope and a deepening understanding in their eyes after reading the book.

What has been the result? I have a book signing at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Arizona on June 23. In addition, within the last week TWO book talks in Michigan have been confirmed. The first one will be on the 12th of July at 6:30 PM at Kazoo Books, 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan and on July 21st at 5:00 PM at the Michigan News Agency, 308 West Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo. Both of these wonderful book store owners found a way to work me into their busy schedules even though they usually schedule 4-6 months out. I will be able to talk about the book to the people who have read it or are thinking about reading it and answer questions. In addition, I have a book talk in Lafayette, Colorado on September 19th and just yesterday, a wonderful person offered to rent a table at the Octoberfest at Sun City Grand, in Surprise, AZ for a book signing. Since I will be out of town it would have been impossible for me to rent the table on July 2 when the big kick off is scheduled. All of you who are available to attend these events are, of course, invited.

The Universal Energy/God provides for all of us when we put the intention/affirmation out there. What are you thinking about, needing and hoping for in your life. Write an affirmation – remember to write it in first person, present tense (I am… or I have…) and make it happen! You will be so glad you did.

Have a great few days!

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  1. Anonymous said:

    As you have put it, everything happens exactly as it supposed too..Congratulations Barbie & Carolyn

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