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When we experience the end of something we often grieve and can become immobilized with hurt and uncertainty. Fear (although we may not label it as such) seems to surround us. We want to hold on with all of our might to what we had and yet it seems to slip away – sometimes in a rush and sometimes slowly, gradually, while your heart seems to be breaking. I know about the ‘ends’ of many things in life, I have been there. The toll endings can take on you seem immense at the time. It is, as if, the overcast skies last forever, and when the sun finally does appear, it no longer seems to give you the energy for a new day.

There is a quote in spiritualism that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher comes along.” The teacher may be something you read, someone you talk to, something you hear in the media or a thousand other things. The important issue is that similar to Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, from Roman mythology the ‘teacher’ helps you connect the dots in your life. At just the perfect moment, you seem to receive a flash in your mind, you make a connection and experience an ‘Aha’ regarding the situation. Things suddenly becomes clearer to you. Remember, hindsight is always 20/20. Whatever form the ‘teacher’ takes, the message received can change your life and give you a renewed sense of hope and belief in tomorrow. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves enough to seek out others to help us rethink our situation. Humbling ourselves, from time to time, can be a good thing. It helps us realize how important others are in our lives. We may need someone to gently turn the kaleidoscope in our minds to better illuminate the situation, to help us see a bit differently, with more light or color, until the moment of insight – the ;Aha’ arrives.

The Universal Energy/God doesn’t make mistakes. You were part of planning your life this time around and thus had a part in the planning of this particular event – this particular ending. Consciously, we can say “No way, I didn’t want this to happen.” Of course you didn’t on this level. But there is a level far beyond where it was important, for some reason, for you to live through it. There is no one to blame, nothing to rail at, just lessons to be learned. I have learned that it is important to recognize the anger, grief, sadness and any other difficult and painful feelings their rightful place, rather than burying them. It is an important act of compassion and healing for each of us. Think about the ending – the event that happened – what is it that most unnerves you about it. What is it that seems so unfair to you? What are you having trouble getting past? Once you surface the answers to these questions, you will be able to inhale, relax a bit and recognize that, as my son has told me from the other side, “Mom, everything is as it should be.”

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