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Everyone’s a Teacher!

The author William Arthur Ward wrote, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” The traditional view of a teacher is one who has taken the content and methodology courses, earned the degree and is in charge of a classroom of eager learners. However, there is an expanded view of the role of teacher that effects us all.

We are all teachers in our own way every day of our life. Our thoughts, attitude and behavior speaks volumes and serves as a model to those around us in this classroom called life. As a life teacher we can see that sometimes what people need may differ from what they want – yet we help them learn to appreciate what they need because we believe in them and want them to be happy and successful.

Take a moment and think about a challenge that has been presented to you recently. How did you handle it? Did you demonstrate the strength and tenacity to overcome and work through it with grace? Did you look past the issue at hand and demonstrate with confidence the belief that ‘this too shall pass?’ Hopefully, you did because without even realizing it someone – a student – is watching…When you think about the role of life teacher to those you love the ultimate question is – are you satisfied with your teaching? Is it the best it can be? Are you helping to instill in them a belief that ‘All is as it should be’ and that life is a never ending quest of personal development?

Take a moment and think about the best teacher you had in life. I’ll bet that person inspired you to achieve, to reach a higher level of understanding, acceptance and achievement. They refused to allow you to use others or circumstances as an excuse but encouraged and pushed you to be better because they believed in you. Wouldn’t it be incredible if each of us became that ‘best teacher’ to at least one other person sometime in our life?

As a model for others the greatest gift we can give them is the understanding that although they can’t always control the cards they are dealt, they can control the way they play them. We can help them discover that they have the capacity to overcome against all odds and will actually develop more self-confidence from these life challenges along the way.

Life is difficult, not for the faint of heart, but above all it is fair. It is exactly what we chose for this incarnation even with all the challenging lessons we may be presently encountering. Each has a purpose, a reason for being.

There is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher comes along. Be ready to be that teacher to someone in your life by modeling the behavior that you want to see in them. Your contribution will be immeasurable in helping someone further discover their strengths and change the world!

Have a great few days!

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Happy Sunday! A few days ago I had the opportunity to give a book talk in Kalamazoo, Michigan at Kazoo Books. After an incredible article about my book came out in the Kalamazoo Gazette, 37 individuals showed up for the reading! I was so grateful for the people who came to hear about my memoir and beliefs in the power and energy of the Universe. The 3 major themes in the book are: energy can neither be created nor destroyed only changed in form; the importance of unconditional love in opening communication with our loved ones both here and on the other side; and that everything that happens in our lives involves a lesson to be learned. Everyone shared such heart warming stories about losing a loved one and their challenge in coping with the stages of loss that the whole room seemed to be elevated to a higher level of gentleness and peace. I was amazed to see the number of people who have not only experienced loss but are interested and willing to share their life journeys. People are eager to discuss and learn more about the concept of after death communication. In spiritualism there are two statements that are especially applicable here; ‘like attracts like’ and ‘when the student is ready the teacher comes along.’

As the events of their lives unfolded, I thought, once again, how important it is not to judge the lives or experiences of others. The greatest gift we can give to another human being is the gift of being present and listening with both our hearts and minds. Each of us has chosen our own unique journey on this earth. We have chosen to work on lessons that, at times, may seem so difficult to overcome. Sometimes we just need, a little help from our friends along the way.

We have not walked a mile in another person’s shoes and we really don’t understand, fully, what they went through. However, we can give them the precious gift of our time and unconditional acceptance as they take the next step in the healing process. How important it is to remember that each one of us does everything possible, with the knowledge we have AT THE TIME to work through our challenges in life. I don’t believe that we really make mistakes or grievous errors but rather do the very best we can, with the knowledge we have at the moment, to survive and eventually thrive. Given that thought, how could we ever judge another? Not likely!

Endings, Beginnings and a New Tomorrow

When we experience the end of something we often grieve and can become immobilized with hurt and uncertainty. Fear (although we may not label it as such) seems to surround us. We want to hold on with all of our might to what we had and yet it seems to slip away – sometimes in a rush and sometimes slowly, gradually, while your heart seems to be breaking. I know about the ‘ends’ of many things in life, I have been there. The toll endings can take on you seem immense at the time. It is, as if, the overcast skies last forever, and when the sun finally does appear, it no longer seems to give you the energy for a new day.

There is a quote in spiritualism that says, “When the student is ready, the teacher comes along.” The teacher may be something you read, someone you talk to, something you hear in the media or a thousand other things. The important issue is that similar to Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, from Roman mythology the ‘teacher’ helps you connect the dots in your life. At just the perfect moment, you seem to receive a flash in your mind, you make a connection and experience an ‘Aha’ regarding the situation. Things suddenly becomes clearer to you. Remember, hindsight is always 20/20. Whatever form the ‘teacher’ takes, the message received can change your life and give you a renewed sense of hope and belief in tomorrow. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves enough to seek out others to help us rethink our situation. Humbling ourselves, from time to time, can be a good thing. It helps us realize how important others are in our lives. We may need someone to gently turn the kaleidoscope in our minds to better illuminate the situation, to help us see a bit differently, with more light or color, until the moment of insight – the ;Aha’ arrives.

The Universal Energy/God doesn’t make mistakes. You were part of planning your life this time around and thus had a part in the planning of this particular event – this particular ending. Consciously, we can say “No way, I didn’t want this to happen.” Of course you didn’t on this level. But there is a level far beyond where it was important, for some reason, for you to live through it. There is no one to blame, nothing to rail at, just lessons to be learned. I have learned that it is important to recognize the anger, grief, sadness and any other difficult and painful feelings their rightful place, rather than burying them. It is an important act of compassion and healing for each of us. Think about the ending – the event that happened – what is it that most unnerves you about it. What is it that seems so unfair to you? What are you having trouble getting past? Once you surface the answers to these questions, you will be able to inhale, relax a bit and recognize that, as my son has told me from the other side, “Mom, everything is as it should be.”