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In addition to being a Hospice volunteer, I serve on the board for a health foundation in Arizona. In this capacity I see the tremendous research work that is being conducted to find answers to major health issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. When you see the devotion the doctors bring to this field it is truly inspiring. These are people who care about the quality of our lives and have committed themselves to the never-ending quest to find answers that will help us lead fuller, richer lives.

Information on the brain helps us understand what we can do to help ourselves. Our 3 pound brains are made up of 75% water and use up to 20% of our body’s total oxygen. Our brain can process information at about 268 miles an hour and generate between 10 to 23 watts of energy while awake. That’s enough energy to power a light bulb. No wonder when we meditate, to try to listen to the other side, it takes consistent practice – even 15 minutes per day to achieve a sense of calm and a deeper knowing. It takes time and practice to learn to slow down our ‘monkey brains,’ but is so worth it.

We have all chosen to live on this earth, in this body until it is time for our exit. What we do with our bodies in the time in between is up to us. Daily meditation is an important practice, to me it is as important as water is to our bodies. Both fuel our physical and mental wellness. Both help us see more clearly and feel more at peace. I believe we are all here to learn lessons and to make the world a little better place. To do so requires that our bodies and brains are functioning at their best. When the mayor of New York City talks about the need to reduce our intake of those huge soft drinks there is a reason. They are unhealthy for our bodies and unhealthy for our brains.

If each of us would chose to make even minor changes in our habits, for instance, to drink more water and less sugary soft drinks and to take 15 minutes daily to relax, breathe deeply and listen, we will be able to find our own answers that will help us lead fuller, richer lives and we will change the Universe for the better, just as these talented doctors are doing.

Have a great few days!

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