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Changes are inevitable in our lives. Loss of any kind can stop you in your tracks and cause you to become fearful of tomorrow. The challenge is to give yourself the time necessary to grieve and then to force yourself to move on with an expectation that tomorrow will be better. Creating positive change is possible with belief and effort. Most people will dream of what they would like but immediately follow with a negative thought, ” It can’t happen to me.” For instance, “I would like a new ….. but …” Well, I can tell you that you can have what you most desire in life if you CHANGE YOUR THINKING. Eliminating the negative self talk that we engage in on a continual basis is the first step in creating a more fulfilled life. The Universal Energy/God intends for us to have a whole, perfect and complete life. It is our birthright. Even through my life losses, I have experienced the importance of redirecting my thoughts. It has taken effort. It has not come easily. But it has worked. The challenge is to BELIEVE that it is possible.

What changes do you really want in your life? Can you visualize in detail, WITH EMOTION, how you will feel when you have achieved this change? Will you feel happier, more fulfilled, more at peace? It is critical to engage both your head and your heart into the positive intention you most desire. The saying, “If you believe it you can achieve it’ is real. The logic behind how it works is quite fascinating. Everything around us is energy. We are energy. Our thoughts are energy. When we practice thinking positive thoughts, visualizing a wonderful change in our lives it’s, as if, we become a magnet that attracts positive energy to us. It works, simply because you draw the positive energy from the Universe to make your dreams, your desires a reality.

Let these thoughts roll around in your brain for a while. Your truth will become evident to you.

Have a wonderful day!

Comments on: "Positive Change in Your Life" (2)

  1. Loretta said:

    Thanks for such a timely reminder. Think on things that are lovely, honest and of a good report is a real good place to start in the change process.

  2. Thanks angel

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