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Attaining Joy in Life

How often do you experience joy in your life? I’m talking about that feeling of pure happiness in just being alive. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘she obviously doesn’t know what I am dealing with in my life right now.’ You’re right, I don’t. But what I do know is that when you experience sorrow, sadness even agony – the opposites of joy – these emotions ultimately help you recognize and appreciate the feeling of joy at a profound level. We learn to see and feel the special moments, the little things in life with a deeper appreciation. All of a sudden it seems nothing is taken for granted. When we begin to appreciate the little things that happen to us our gratitude index increases and it brings even more joy into our lives. We begin to think about how wonderful joy feels and desire even more. Always responding to whatever is foremost in our thinking, the Universal Energy then delivers more and more joy to us.

Remember the children’s story about the princess and the pea. The princess could not sleep because she was uncomfortable due to the tiny pea that was secretly placed under many, many mattresses which had been stacked upon each other. The point in the story was that the test would prove if she were truly a princess since a real princess would have experienced total comfort in the past and would therefore recognize the opposite – discomfort. The principle is the same. To feel unmitigated joy we must have experienced deep sorrow in our lives. Why? Simply put, feelings do not exist in a vacuum. The experience of one type of emotion intensifies the other. Show me someone who has worked through a great tragedy in their lives and I will show you someone that appreciates every breath they take and every moment they are alive. Nothing, absolutely nothing, becomes mundane to them any longer. A beautiful sunset, the fluttering of a hummingbird seeking the nectar of a flower or even a penny found at just the right moment takes on a deeper meaning. They realize the significance of being alive because they now understand the difference of living a life by holding on to a flaming torch or one of mere existence by holding on to a brief candle.

When we reunite with a friend or family member, attend a holiday celebration, receive a card or even email from someone we care about…each of these moments can bring sheer joy to our lives. They remind us that others are thinking about us, appreciate us and want to reconnect. The human bond deepens and joy is magnified. Likewise when we take the time to go out of our way for another they feel valued, appreciated and recognize the importance – the joy in being alive.

Our lives are meant to be lived to the fullest not merely endured. When we exhibit joy others want to be around us – they sense a deeper feeling of acceptance, happiness and purpose. A connection seems to exists at our core. Joy is about being fully present and grateful in this experience called life. It is the gold standard of our emotions.

Have a great few days!

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