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Ready for Positive News?

Often with the 24/7 news cycle we can become dishearten or overwhelmed about so many things that it becomes exhausting. It’s healthy to have a dose of positive news and I have one today! Following up on my blog from last week regarding the extensive use of GMO’s in our foods, it’s time to pat a company on the back for the healthy change they made…without our even knowing it!

Remember the unmistakable taste of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? I’ll bet you can close your eyes and bring back the taste, smell even texture. This product has been a staple for a long, long time in so many American homes. You never had to worry if your kids would eat it…it was a favorite.

The remarkable thing about this story is that over time as the company received concerns from consumers about the artificial favors, preservatives and dyes used in their Mac & Cheese the company listened! Seriously! They quietly responded and changed their recipe in December, 2015 eliminating the ‘artificials’ by substituting them with other healthy spices to make sure this product would taste the same. Using the familiar packaging, they conducted the largest taste tests in history which ended on March 7, 2016. The results are in…they did it! A much healthier choice of ingredients are used in the recipe while still maintaining the same great taste. Congrats to them!!!

If we can change something as popular and long lasting as Mac & Cheese it seems to me that we have hit pay dirt. What this tells us is that as people we can effect change when we truly set our minds to it. It may not be overnight but as my mother used to say, ‘truth always prevails in the end.’ It also shows us that some companies really do listen and care. It puts an image of humanity – rather than mere profit – back into our image of mass corporate culture.

It is reassuring to know that weather we are talking about the food we eat, the politicians we listen to or even the issue of safety in our world…truth will prevail! It gives us hope when we see examples of people, companies even countries trying to make things better rather than simply ignoring us or pointing fingers at ‘the other guy.’ It boils down to caring, responsibility and truth. The Kraft company has raised the bar and little by little others will follow – or be left behind. They must be proud of the positive impact they are having on generations of folks.

With that being said, I think I’ll go fix a box… just talking about it makes me hungry!

Have a great few days!

The Truth of the Matter…

As children we were raised to always tell the truth – don’t lie, cheat or steal – and to treat others as we wanted to be treated. There was even a time when a firm handshake indicated a commitment – our word – to support an endeavor. Yet, lately these values seem to have been pushed aside by many and truth telling seems to have become a rare commodity. Did this happen overnight or was it a slow creep that we at first disregarded and then came to accept as the new norm? Whether we are dealing with areas such as the big pharma companies, college sports, financial institutions or more recently from some seeking the presidential nod we witness questionable ethics. Truth is being stretched, manipulated or even denied. As people we are left to wonder is truth even attainable and if so how do we access it?

Let’s look at a few specifics. I know of a person who has a serious medical condition that requires daily medication. Over the past four years this same medication has increased from $12,000 per month to nearly $20,000 – same dosage, same regime. Yes, you read that amount correctly – $20,000 – and since she has insurance this monthly cost is primarily picked up by them. That still doesn’t make it right.

Or how about the Southern Methodist University basketball player whose high school academic record was mysteriously altered to make him eligible to be recruited and play at the college level. You may think to yourself – I’ve heard similar stories before so you know the sad ending. The student eventually hits a brick wall but in the meantime, the institution makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off their skills. That’s not right.

Recently, we read reports that some financial institutions had been fined millions of dollars for their highly questionable practices (basically summed up as they win and we lose) yet when they were caught they were allowed to simply pay the fines and continue working in the same field. Seriously! ..that’s not right.

A few of our presidential candidates are even promising to fix everything – by themselves – a sort of one man band – without working through Congress. Do we really believe that anyone working alone can fix any and all ills that presently effect us? Forgetting about cell phone videos one candidate visiting Michigan recently announced at one of his events that due to space limitations, ‘thousands of people are outside unable to get a seat today.’ Ahh … here it comes … the YouTube video of this same event showed about 75 people and not ‘thousands’ were outside – some of whom had come to the event to protest. Why the need to exaggerate? Hmm… bigger is not necessarily better. Again, that’s not right.

Actually, amid all of the chaos we can access fact checkers, videos, and on line information like never before to help us separate the wheat from the chaff. But here is the challenge – we have to make time in our lives – even 15 minutes a day – to check further and not simply believe statements that are purposely repeated and repeated with greater flair each time in an effort to burn into our brains as ‘truth.’ The old adage stands… ‘If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is…’

I’m too old to believe a savior can ride in on a white horse, wave a magic wand and improve things overnight. It has taken years – decades even – to get to this point. But is it too much to ask for our business and political leaders to be held accountable and forced to demonstrate honesty? We need leaders who can be adults and put people above profit and truth above theatrics.

I will continue to refuse to believe that all is lost or that honesty was a thing of the past or accept the oft heard comment … ‘that’s just the way things are’… Instead, I will make a personal commitment to question, to seek the rest of the story, to use my brain to analyze the reality of the situation and be willing to gently but firmly share what I have discovered with others as I listen to their point of view. This takes time but what price are we willing to pay to reestablish integrity and honesty? What type of nation do we want our children and grandchildren to inherit?

I will continue to believe that everything happens for a purpose – that what goes around comes around – and to accept my responsibility in making positive change happen. The energy we put out to the Universe makes a difference. I choose to be a positive force of change, in my own way to the best of my ability. Because truth is not for sale to the highest bidder.

Have a great few days!