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Ready for Positive News?

Often with the 24/7 news cycle we can become dishearten or overwhelmed about so many things that it becomes exhausting. It’s healthy to have a dose of positive news and I have one today! Following up on my blog from last week regarding the extensive use of GMO’s in our foods, it’s time to pat a company on the back for the healthy change they made…without our even knowing it!

Remember the unmistakable taste of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? I’ll bet you can close your eyes and bring back the taste, smell even texture. This product has been a staple for a long, long time in so many American homes. You never had to worry if your kids would eat it…it was a favorite.

The remarkable thing about this story is that over time as the company received concerns from consumers about the artificial favors, preservatives and dyes used in their Mac & Cheese the company listened! Seriously! They quietly responded and changed their recipe in December, 2015 eliminating the ‘artificials’ by substituting them with other healthy spices to make sure this product would taste the same. Using the familiar packaging, they conducted the largest taste tests in history which ended on March 7, 2016. The results are in…they did it! A much healthier choice of ingredients are used in the recipe while still maintaining the same great taste. Congrats to them!!!

If we can change something as popular and long lasting as Mac & Cheese it seems to me that we have hit pay dirt. What this tells us is that as people we can effect change when we truly set our minds to it. It may not be overnight but as my mother used to say, ‘truth always prevails in the end.’ It also shows us that some companies really do listen and care. It puts an image of humanity – rather than mere profit – back into our image of mass corporate culture.

It is reassuring to know that weather we are talking about the food we eat, the politicians we listen to or even the issue of safety in our world…truth will prevail! It gives us hope when we see examples of people, companies even countries trying to make things better rather than simply ignoring us or pointing fingers at ‘the other guy.’ It boils down to caring, responsibility and truth. The Kraft company has raised the bar and little by little others will follow – or be left behind. They must be proud of the positive impact they are having on generations of folks.

With that being said, I think I’ll go fix a box… just talking about it makes me hungry!

Have a great few days!

Visualize Your Tomorrows!

There are people that make things happen and those that wait for things to happen in their lives. Which one are you? The secret to making things happen in your life is to form a detailed mental picture of what you want and repeatedly visualize it in your mind AND feel it in your heart. The emotional component is what really makes the visualization become a reality. It goes beyond simply wishing or hoping for something. With visualization you see it in your mind and mentally try it on for size, adjusting slightly until it’s a perfect fit. Sound easy? It can be once you believe that you are entitled to all the happiness in life you desire.

An example of how to make creative visualization work for you could be to ‘pretend’ you are looking for a different car. What do you want it to look like, drive like? How many miles on the odometer are you willing to accept? How does it feel when you get behind the wheel to drive? How much are you willing to pay for it? See yourself signing the contract for the amount you are willing to pay and driving it with a big smile on your face. Visualize and FEEL it day after day. Know that it will happen. Keep experiencing the ‘feel’ of the car and sooner than you realize it will happen.

After achieving whatever initial visualization you have put out to the Universe, you may want to apply this process to other parts of your life. What, for example, would your life look like if you felt whole, perfect and complete? That is a much deeper thought but it is so important to realize the process of visualizing is the same. Can you actually see in your mind and feel in your heart how things would be different for you than they are now? The first step is to think about those differences and recognize them. What you have versus what you want takes mental and emotional work. It is hard work at first because it is repetitive and you have to suspend any disbelief you have that the process will work. Just like everything we do in life it takes work. This is just a different kind of work from what you might be used to doing. The phrase, ‘fake it ’till you make it’ applies in visualization.

At our core, we are all made up of energy. Remember the phrase, ‘like attracts like?’ So it is with the energy of the Universe. There is negative or positive energy in our thinking, being, doing. What are you drawing into your own energy field? You can harness positive energy to make your dreams a reality through the practice of visualization or simply wait, passively, and let things happen to you. The choice is always up to you. The Universe provides to us whatever is foremost in our thinking.

Even with the lessons that we have agreed to learn in our prebirth agreements, we still have the power of free will in the how’ we learn those lessons. It’s rather like the choice of pulling or pushing a wagon. One way is easier than the other and yet the wagon still is moved. I believe the power in the Universe can be harnessed through our ability to visualize what we want to have, achieve, and be in our lives.

When things challenge us, hurt us or loss happens there is a point at which we may see it and wonder why, demanding that this not be happening, or we can look it straight in the eye and refuse to be altered in our belief that things happen for a reason. We can use the power of visualization and get through it and learn from it, ultimately becoming stronger in the process or not. Our viewpoint is a critically important part of our gift of free will. We can harness the power of positive energy through visualization. The choice is always up to us.

The phrase s… happens, is true for all of us. Also true is the thought, ‘ what I do about it is totally up to me.’ What a gift we have been given with free will! Give visualization a chance. What do you have to lose?