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Faith – Hope and Change

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” When I read that quote I thought how fitting it is when thinking about spiritualism and the ability to reconnect with out loved ones who are just behind the door. Since most of us were not taught that this type of communication was even possible it can be strange territory to try to wrap your mind around at first. You can be sure if you discuss it with others early on it can bring out the naysayers quicker than the political debates we are presently experiencing. Resistance to an idea does not mean the idea is not a good one but it does mean it is a new one. When any one of us experiences something new there are predictable stages we go through similar to the predictable stages of loss developed by Elisibeth Kubler-Ross. At the first stage we react like the 3 monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Basically we just don’t want to talk about it. However, little by little as we begin to search for more information the idea – if we are ready – begins to take root in our brains. Now a new possibility exists in our thinking that we are not sure of or sold on but we are at least willing to investigate and learn more. Who knows we think to ourselves it just might begin to give us some answers that feel right. It might help fill in a piece of the puzzle that for years has remain unfinished. It takes time to internalize all of this. I know as evidenced in the bibliography attached to this web site. I did not arrive at this belief overnight. I do know it makes more sense to me than anything else I have ever studied. Since my son from the other side has been communicating with me for over a decade and I was transcribing the tapes to create my book the evidence seemed so irrefutable for me.

The definition of hope is desire accompanied by expectation. It is fitting here. Which one of us who has lost a significant person in our lives doesn’t hope that we will see them again. My sister who passed on from the debilitating effects of diabetes, a few years after my son, told me when she sensed her exit time was getting close about some things she wanted me to include in her eulogy. Given her spit fire personality she didn’t give me a option whether to deliver the eulogy myself nor the salient points she wanted included! An important thing to her was that she didn’t want to say simply good bye to us but rather she instructed me to say, tell them “I’ll see you later – because I will.” We will all see our loved ones later for sure. However, we can reconnect with them now and be guided by their greater knowing. As we navigate through this classroom called life every once in a while something or someone comes along to offer a helping hand. I have had so many people help me through my losses that it would take a new blog just to list them. They know who they are – and I will be forever grateful. I do hope through this website I am able to pay it forward in the help department.

Speaking of help, to “TQ” who commented on the blog and asked about how to discuss spiritualism with her daughter I emailed her with some ideas and would like to share with all of you 2 beautiful books for children that I have found inspiring for adults as well as children. They are entitled, “The Next Place” by Warren Hanson and “The Littlest Angel” by Charles Tazewell. In addition to the beautiful text, the illustrations are amazing.

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  1. Sam VanVuuren said:

    When does your book come out, Mary? Look forward to reading it.

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