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Fear Shrinks Our Lives

Fear of something – anything can be debilitating. Your mind starts the “what ifs” and you are off and running. I have read that over 90% of what we fear never materializes. I believe the percentage is more like 99%. Once you allow a negative thought (which is really the fear of something) to stick in your mind it can take over the rational, logical thinking process. The statement “if you want to know what your thoughts are, look around at your circumstances.” is so true. Our mind and the Universe is a powerful thing. We will manifest what we think about most often. If you take a moment to think about your day today, did you have more positive or negative thoughts? Were you thinking about the possibilities of something bad happening? To me, the fear of what ‘could happen’ keeps us from living life to the fullest. It is wasted and unproductive mind time.

The actor, Jim Carey, was in a movie a few years ago about saying yes to life. He had been going through his life refusing to do this or that because of the risk of the unknown. He always had an excuse that he was too busy to venture out and do something different from his routine. He did not want to get out of his comfort zone. Naturally, the more he insulated himself from experiences, the more his comfort zone continued to shrink! His life seemed not only boring but lifeless. Routine had become his mantra. However, once he decided to look at life differently and force himself to say yes to opportunities that presented themselves, his life became richer and fuller. His face radiated energy and excitement and he was happier about his journey. Are you letting fear of the unknown restrict your life? Feel free to comment on this blog and we can talk about it.

Yes, tough things can and will happen because it is just a part of our life’s plan. We can deal with those things with greater strength if we have made a practice of looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty. We gain a sense of confidence that we can handle tomorrow – no matter what is thrown at us. We are strong, capable beings of this wonderful Universe. Make a conscious decision today to embrace all that life has to offer. Go ahead – take a chance on something new or different – and expand your comfort zone. You will be glad that you did!

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  1. You did it again. BG

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