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When we are young we usually accept the messages we hear from our families about many things. Our parents are our first teachers. The messages we hear and behaviors we see make an imprint in the subconscious part of our brains. What are the messages you received about loss? I talk to many people about their experiences and frequently their mental tapes seem to be that losing a loved one is overpowering and debilitating. They seem to feel a loss of control in their lives. Nothing is certain, tomorrow is no longer a given. Many parents who experience their child’s death seem to just stop living. The spark has left their life. The unthinkable happened and they are in a state of feeling both hopeless and helpless. If they talk about their child it may seem to make others uncomfortable. I understand, but would encourage them to continue to share their feelings of loss, as well as the many special things about their child. Talking to others can be healing. An empathic friend is a friend for life. They do not judge you because they love and care about you as a person.
Reliving special memories of your child or loved one is important to you and to them. In my book, I share my son’s messages to me about his death. He has told me to think of it as if he has moved to another location, because he has. This new location allows him to hear me talk about him, laugh at the antics in his life that defined him, and to remember the love we shared that will continue for all eternity. The most powerful force in the Universe is love. It is the alpha and omega of all that we are and all that we will become.
If you know of someone that has experienced a death in their life please take the time to call them. Your voice, your ear could be the exact thing they need at this moment to gain the strength to face tomorrow. Just remember the love and pay it forward.
What tapes regarding loss do you have in your subconscious mind? Are they helpful and reassuring that all is as it should be? Feel free to comment on this website and we can talk about them together.

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