Official blog for the book "Just Behind the Door"

When we listen to people who are grieving, many times they say, “I lost my _____.” Actually, I have found that our loved ones are not really lost or gone but are, Just Behind the Door (thus, the title of my book). They are waiting for us to gain the faith needed to open the lines of communication and receive information from them. They cannot do it for us. It takes time, belief and practice. Meditation is a great way to open the lines of communication. Even 15 minutes a day will open your mind and open the doors for your loved ones to reconnect. I have experienced hundreds of messages (and I do mean hundreds) from my son who was killed in a tragic accident in Colorado in May,1999. These messages contained the exact words, phrases and one-
liners that he was so noted for that it would be impossible to deny his existence, albeit in a different form.

Do you have any thoughts, nudges, or synchronistic events that have happened to you that involve a loved one who has passed on? If so, please consider sharing them on this site for two purposes. First, you will help others know that they are not “off the deep end.” Secondly, once you recognize and own the events happening to you, they will actually happen from frequently. It seems that once your conscious mind accepts that this is really possible, it helps you by opening the door in your mind to receive more information from your loved ones. Basically, it is a win-win for everyone.

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