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Pathways for Life

I had the opportunity to hear Tom Sullivan speak this week at a gathering of 175 people. He started by saying, “To me you are all 35 years old.” You see, Tom has been blind since birth. Although his parents were advised to put him in an institution, they chose instead to believe in him and help him overcome his blindness. He had so much excitement for life it was infectious. He radiated both a purpose and passion to make this world a better place. I kept thinking to myself I wish more people could hear him speak. (I understand you can Google him for his books and CD’s)

After his mother died, Betty White, (the one and only) sort of adopted him. He explained that to her no pathway begins or ends without an opportunity. We all know what a difference she has made in the lives of so many people and animals and is still going strong at 90!

Tom learned early that pride (personal responsibility for individual daily effort) is required to succeed. He also accepted the importance of finding both a purpose and passion in his life. He has chosen to help people realized that no wall is too high or boulder too large that it can’t be overcome. For those of us who have dealt with loss, in any form, that is an important thing to remember. We can and will survive and even thrive given a positive belief in our own potential and belief that we can make a difference in this classroom called life.

What are you going to do this week to make a difference in your own life – or the life of another who is struggling? It really is that simple isn’t it? We just have to decide to do it – put the intention out to the Universe/God. Make it a great week!

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