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The Choice is Yours

Have you ever wondered why some people “appear” to have more good fortune than others in their lives? Watch how they think and what they say. You may be surprised to learn that they are actually manifesting what they want through a form of goal setting. Even given trials and tribulations in their lives, they just know that everything will work out. They have a confidence that can be felt. Just being around their energy seems to cause you to feel better, happier and more in tune with life. These folks have learned that they really do have the power to make things happen. When a challenge is thrown at them, they recognize it but force themselves to see past it. They do not blame others, or perseverate on it. They immediately redirect their energy to find the positive in it – the lesson they needed to learn.

When we read statements such as, “Ask and it shall be given unto you.” These folks live it, breath it and know it in their soul. They have learn to capture the power in the Universe/God and demonstrate another incredibly powerful statement, “It is done unto you as you believe.”

Mastering the power of goal setting can be taught to anyone who truly desires to create a better life for themselves. I have taught goal setting for years and live my life with the absolute belief that I have the ability to control what I put out into the Universe and thus what I get back from it. Think of a boomerang – whatever you throw out will come back to you, often with greater intensity. If you put out negative thoughts about yourself or others, the Universe will confirm your thinking and be sure to deliver it to you!

In following blogs I will work through the steps in the goal setting process. In the meantime, monitor your thoughts and see how often you find yourself in the energy zapping area. You will be surprised.

Let me know what you discover about your thinking over the next few days and I will build the blogs on goal setting around them!

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