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Archive for March 11, 2012

Visualize the Goal

We have talked about goal setting to achieve something you really want in your life. The last two blogs centered around monitoring and redirecting our negative thinking. To achieve your goal you must believe it possible. Negative thinking can derail your ability to achieve your goals. In fact, negative thinking is the direct result of a lack of faith. Think about that for a moment. You need to believe, to have faith in the possibility of a positive outcome to achieve any goal. There is absolutely no room in your mind to entertain negative energy! Buddha said it clearly, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

To achieve your desired goal you must be able to visualize how you will feel, act and think differently having achieved it. This may sound like you are pretending but just stay with me on this one. The Universe/God is made up of energy. We are all, in fact, made up of energy. Our energy attracts like energy. Positive energy attracts positive energy. Think of a battery. You must connect the right end of the battery to the force to achieve the connection. It is the same in our minds. When we visualize the goal we want to achieve we are connecting to the positive end of the battery in the Universe. Think of the goal you want to achieve and believe that the Universe is simply waiting to deliver it to you. How will you feel having achieved this goal? How will your life be better?

Write the goal you want to achieve in first person, present tense as if you have already attained it. For example, I am… or I have… and then finish the sentence by saying, and I feel grateful that I have attained it. You are basically telling the Universe that you know it can deliver. The energy is there for you to tap. You simply have to believe it is your right to tap it.

After you have written out your goal if you have a question, just email it or post your question on the blog and I will be happy to respond.

On the next blog I will talk about being grateful. There is no substitute for gratitude in our lives. Have a great week!