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Archive for March 18, 2012


I have talked about the importance of positive thinking and the need to check, even redirect, our thinking when we become aware of any negative thoughts. You simply refuse to give them any of your mental space or emotional energy. There is nothing to be gained in seeing our cups as half empty. It robs us of energy and enthusiasm for tomorrow. The steps to goal setting that I have blogged about recently emphasized the importance of writing out goals in the first person, present tense ( I am… I have…). Equally important is to act as if we have already attained our goal. You want to feel positive emotional energy when you send your goal out into the Universe. Remember, it will come back to you, just like a boomerang with the same amount and type of energy you originally gave to it. Basically, you are telling the Universe/God that you are claiming ownership of the goal so you will have a better, more rewarding, life. The reason behind this approach is to harness the energy of the Universe/God. This energy is there for the taking. The only thing we must do is to remain in a positive expectation and state of mind. Any goal can be achieved by apply the principle of “ask and you shall receive,” as long as you believe. The Universe/God simply expects us to do our part by positively tapping into the energy source.

The topic of abundance is important to consider in goal setting. The Universe has unlimited energy and will deliver to you whatever is foremost in your thinking. Your life today is a result of your past thinking. We may want to blame others or circumstances but the truth is that we created our existing circumstances from the energy of thought that we surrounded ourselves with – no more, no less. Are you happy with the result?

Most of us have not been taught that the world is our oyster, but it truly can be, once we learn to control the energy in, around and through us. Goal setting is a way to get your thinking aligned in a positive way to realize a better, more fulfilling life.

I am absolutely convinced that abundance in our lives is our inheritance. Goal setting helps you tap into this abundance. Nothing but the lack of faith in the possibility can keep good from you. Abundance in any form is your birthright. Claim it and make it yours!