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Have you ever asked yourself when facing a tough time in life, “Why did this have to happen to me?” Possibly the better question for me to ask is, “Have you ever NOT asked yourself that question?” When we face difficult life challenges, loss of our loved ones or other heart wrenching issues, it seems our first response is simply, WHY. We are thinking beings who are just trying to understand. Maybe by understanding the why, it will make more sense and help us process through the hurt. Being human we seek a rational understanding of events; especially when they appear to be random acts of devastation in our lives.

I have been in search of the meaning of life since age 26. I’m not kidding here. Maybe I am just a slow learner when it comes to the big question of why are we here on this planet – at this time – and for what purpose. The why is the trigger for me. It has been a slow process of discovery. Just when it seemed like I was close to a deeper understanding, a new and more difficult challenge would appear.

At times I wanted to say to God/Universal Energy, “Really, are you seriously throwing this at me now – or again.” I truly did think those thoughts, more than once. I guess I was just feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and sorry for myself. After licking my wounds yet again, I would finally regain my sense of what I had discovered as truth and move through the latest challenge, nursing my bruises back to health.

This is what I have discovered through my years of searching for the meaning of the “whys” in my life.

1. There is a source of LOVING power in this Universe greater than ourselves.

2. It is available to us, at any time, simply by asking for help. ASKING is the key. One has to humble oneself to ask.

3. There really are no “random acts of devastation” in life. As my son, who has passed on, has repeatedly told me, “Mom, everything is as it should be.”

4. Everything I have lived through has had a lesson in it. Once I truly learned the lesson, it did not reappear in my life.

5. I chose these lessons to work on in my life to develop greater compassion, patience and understanding.

6. Most of all, I have learned that life really is fair. When we look at the lives of others and think they got a better deal – think again –
they have their own lessons they are working on which are as difficult for them as our lessons are for us. Unless we walk in their shoes we cannot fully understand.

Does any of this resonate with you? I would love to hear from you.

Have a great rest of the week!

Comments on: "The Unanswered ‘Whys’ in Life" (2)

  1. I can not understand why I always trust the wrong people. If someone tells me something I tend to believe them. I keep a wall around me, and when I let my guards down, I get hurt every time. I have put the walls back up, but this time its for good.

  2. Frank Trovato said:

    The one point pertaining to looking at others and thinking they got a better deal than us, is such a complex issue that, on different levels, is a driving force in those who consider themselves as unfortunate. Speaking for myself, I have felt envy, jealousy, anger, resentment and regret, which had resulted in insecurities in myself. life has dealt me an exceptional circumstance (illness) which had compelled me to destroy a loving relationship, attempt suicide, be estranged from my family and become a recluse. Every convoluted thought and feeling that can possibly cross a man’s mind and heart…has done so for me. Being realistic in reflecting on the past and present, makes it impossible to be optimistic for the future. I don’t believe in miracles, so I don’t hope for one….that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. After all, who am I?….God?

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