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Follow Your Hunches!

Remember when we were kids and a parent or other close family member would encourage us just by being there when we needed to talk. Their comforting words such as, ‘You’ll be okay’ or ‘Just sleep on it’ gave us a sense that everything would work out. We felt a degree of peace knowing that they cared deeply and understood what we were going through at the moment. We trusted their counsel and knew they were in our corner as they gave us a sense of hope for tomorrow. As we grew older some of those individuals may have passed on leaving a feeling of void in our lives. Just when we needed to hear a reassuring word and were questioning what to do next we realized that we could no longer turn to them. Yet, in the midst of our thoughts we may have felt an urge to follow a certain path. Could our loved ones have left an indelible mark on our psyche that serves us even today? Unconditional love is like that – it remains forever in our hearts. Maybe they taught us to believe in ourselves and trust that things will always work out. Is it possible that their energy remains around us to cheer us on especially when we are struggling?

When was the last time you had a hunch or feeling that urged you to take a certain action. Where did it come from? Did you follow it? Regardless of where these messages come from they are meant to help us as we live through the many challenges we encounter. Often, when we are doing everyday things such as taking a shower, working in a garden or just driving a familiar route to work a thought will come to us, supposedly out of the blue, regarding something that we have been wrestling with for some time. All of a sudden the answer seems so obvious. We have clearer insight regarding the issue. The clouded thinking we had been experiencing vanishes just as it did long ago when we were able to seek the comforting shoulder of our loved one to lean on. When we follow our intuitive sense of knowing our paths just flow more smoothly. We think to ourselves, ‘Things are just falling into place’ or ‘This is easier than I expected.’ Why? Simply put we are following the loving guidance of the Universe and those that have come before us.

Conversely, when we ignore these urgings or inner guidance the road seems to be full of bumps and detours which often cause us to feel we are living life in the neutral zone of waiting. Waiting for what we wonder? Yet the answer does not come and we continue to perseverate on the issue. For the moment our life journey has become too difficult to traverse. Our thinking seems confused, scattered and we choose to put off any decision making until we feel more in control. When we feel out-of-sync in our lives it is a message from the Universe that we are not listening – not following our reticular activating system which is our internal guidance system that finds our emotional home base. We have put this inner guidance system on hold.

The next time you find yourself feeling scattered – unable to confidently move forward just think about that certain someone in your life that was or is always there for you, cheering you on. Ask yourself what they would tell you and then just listen for your intuitive sense to pick up the message. It is always there for us – unconditional love just works that way.

Have a great few days!

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