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Listen to Your Body!

There is something called a ‘muscle test’ that can reveal helpful information to us. Whether a certain food or drink is something that our bodies can tolerate can be easily indicated through a simple method. Hold your dominant arm straight out in front of you and hold the item in question firmly in your other hand. Then have someone tell you to ‘resist’ as they attempt to push your arm down. Be sure they place one of their hands lightly on your shoulder and the other hand on top of the wrist on your extended arm. Your extended arm will not be able to remain straight out in front of you but will instead drop down toward your side if the item in question isn’t good for your body.

The amazing thing is that this muscle test can also be used for any thought or idea you might have as well. If you are wondering, for example, whether to do something in particular or not just check out the reaction of your extended arm as someone gently tries to push it down. If you are shaking your head in disbelief please hold back your skepticism until you have tried this for yourself. Go ahead and check it out – please! You might wonder how it is possible to do something so basic and yet find it predictable. This muscle test was taught in a ‘Touch for Health’ class over 35 years ago so imagine my surprise when I ran across it in a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled. ’10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace!’

Every thought we have is either positive or negative (neutral thinking is not something I have ever witnessed). Have a friend do this muscle test on you and think of something (without telling them) negative or even a lie and see if your arm can remain straight out at shoulder height in front of you. Go ahead…just try it and see what you can discover about this special body messaging approach that can open your eyes to the power of energy. Now to verify that this works think of a positive, loving thought and have your friend attempt to push your extended arm down. Surprise!

You are probably saying to yourself – how can this be? This seems so weird. Not really. Everything and everyone is made up of energy. We can feel negative or positive vibes without seeing them correct? Well, our bodies serve as a conduit of information to let us know when something or someone is good for us … or not.

When we actually do this muscle test it gets our attention and we realize how important it is to monitor our thoughts and redirect our energy when necessary if we are in a negative state of mind. Choose your method of choice to redirect any negative thinking. For some it may be exercise, music, being in nature, calling a friend, reading or even shopping. The methods of redirecting our energy are as unique as we are and each of us knows how to redirect our energy flow into a more positive state. Using this muscle test we can now actually see the serious effects of energy – positive or energy on our mind and body.

Learning to listen to our bodies and choosing to redirect our thinking is a no cost way for a happier, healthier life. You are worth it! You have mountains to conquer and many, many miles of road ahead of you on your life journey. When we first recognize any negative emotion and then refuse to allow it to infiltrate our being we are better equipped to take whatever life gives us.

Try this muscle test out for yourself this week. Be prepared for the smile that will spread across your face when you discover it really works! Think of it as just another tool in your tool kit for life. Then have some fun with it and do it with others. Just be prepared for the inevitable question, ‘How did you do that?’ And your answer, of course is that you didn’t do that to them their bodies are speaking to them!

Have a great few days!

What is Your Song?

If you could choose a favorite song – one that speaks to you and transports you elsewhere what would it be? What are the lyrics that resonate in your heart? What melody causes you to stop and listen to the sound causing your toes to tap or your mind to escape for a moment? When you think about it music has the power to change our mood instantly. It has the ability to lighten our mood and put a smile on our face. It has been said that music is a language that is there when normal language is of little use. It’s no wonder that every culture known to man has created their own music.

I remember years ago going to a funeral of a wonderful, gentle spirit who was moving on. She requested that her favorite song be played. The lyrics were written by Lee Ann Womack, the song entitled, ‘I Hope You Dance.’ This song can still stop me in my tracks and momentarily take my breath away as I remember this special person. A few of the lyrics …”Never lose your sense of wonder…never take one single breath for granted…never settle for the path of least resistance…and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance…I hope you dance.” This person fought a valiant 10 year struggle with cancer and was totally bed ridden for a least a year before she passed on. Yet through the lyrics of this song she left us with powerful thoughts of hope, humility, bravery and even joy. The song is about the magnificence of life, the importance of love and choosing to face any fear in our life head on, not allowing ourselves to be cowered by it.

I marvel at both the song writers and musicians who through their talent can emotionally transport us to a different space and time. These individuals have a gift that they have honed through hard work and effort. As Malcolm Gladwell has told us to be an expert at something we must put in about 10,000 hours of effort. When a song can take our breath away we know the lyricist and performer has paid their price in personal time and effort. Maybe their purpose for this lifetime was to try and help us along our way.

No one has the power to take away the music in our soul. As Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” Each of our lives is like a song, partially written and played, still in the creation stage of possibilities. We are all part of the orchestra of life. We can work together in harmony and feel the happiness in our hearts or like the songwriter or performer continue to rehearse, change, adapt our views through trials and life challenges until we finally get it. When things begin to fall into place in our life – our song – just begins to finally feel right. We feel something deep inside …excitement, assurance and at peace that we are following our chosen path and it moves us to our core. At that point we know we are truly living our life purpose and it is grand.

Have a great few days!