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When we think of learning, the usual picture that flashes in our minds is a classroom with a person in front helping us process new information. But actually, we are all teachers to each other in a larger sense. For instance, how many times has someone come into your life even for a moment (a sales clerk, a colleague or friend) who said something that gave you pause and made you consider something in a different light. Did it cause you to stop and evaluate your circumstance? If you have met someone that momentarily, rocked your world by their comment did you stop, listen and process that certain piece of information – the gift – that they shared with you? Did you look for the value in the exchange or were you quick to dismiss it? Remember, they did not have to take the time to communicate with you but they did. They may have even risked saying something you might not have wanted to hear. However, they cared enough to give you their time and opinion for a reason.

Many times we dismiss an important opportunity for learning out of fear. We sometimes resist and insulate ourselves from valuable input because we don’t want to hear something that might alter our perception of ourselves or others. However, when you allow yourself the gift of focused listening, these messages can help you in so many ways. I believe these types of messages come from the Universal Energy/God source. Hopefully, you were in the right mental place and point of receptivity to truly hear the particular message. This type of communication, the one that stops you in your tracks, are not simply an accident. When Einstein would ask people, “What has become clearer to you since we last met?” He served as a model for us to think deeper and process through events in our lives. To become more aware of the interconnectedness of all energy. We are constantly learning with our heads and our hearts in this marvelous and challenging journey called life.

In my book, Just Behind the Door, my son on the other side has told me, “Mom, it is all about love.” The Universal Energy/God, of which we are all a part is pure unconditional love. When we really work at modeling that in our own lives wonderful things happen. We truly learn to love ourselves (a prerequisite) and then to see the divinity in others. Accepting without judgment but simply with an understanding that we are all a work in progress is as essential to our souls as air is to our lungs. It causes us to lose the fear that can be a stranglehold for us and become more fully engaged in life. We see the future in more positive, optimistic terms. We relax in the knowing that, “All is as it should be.” People want to be around us because we give them energy, acceptance and love.

When you truly listen, the Universe has a way of delivering all the answers that you are seeking. The even greater news is that sometimes the learning is presented to us before we even realized we needed it! How exciting is that?

Have a great week!

Comments on: "Are You Truly Listening to Others?" (1)

  1. Someone in Michigan thinks that you are a very wise and totally giving person. Thank you so much for the information, tomorrow is always better after the information you give me on how to live today. See you soon and will talk to you this week end. Barbie

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